Jay Hughen’s weblog. 

I write these entries with full anticipation that it will be read by the author and perhaps 2 others who have taken a wrong turn.  I’m ok with this.  As idle hands are the devil’s something something, I’m attempting to do some documentation of my random thoughts in the hope that it’ll be entertaining to go back and read them to myself in a few weeks when I’m bored and smoking my daily cigarette at around 1:45 AM.


One comment on “About

  1. Hey, don’t suppose you remember a scrawny little dj by the name of Sean (Michaels) Rinehart from WVFS? Stumbled upon you on Twitter (just added you) and did some more exploring to discover this monster site you’ve set up. I’ve entered my “blog” site of sorts above but also have the twitter site now and an LJ which I barely use these days. Anyway, hope you are well, good luck with the hockey wound and hope to hear from you soon.
    Can’t tell from the twitter entries, all i’ve really explored at this point, but you’re not at A&M any longer are you?


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